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Gutter Types

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Guttering comes in many styles. Find out which gutter type is suitable for your needs.

One of the considerations when building or renovating your home is the type of gutter that you should use. There are different types of gutter systems available in the market. To help you choose, here are the different types of gutters explained.


Quad Gutter

The Quad Gutter is a classic guttering design that is popularly used on modern new homes as well as replacements for old existing gutters. It is a type of slotted gutter that is compatible with both steel and tile roofs. It is designed with overflow holes.

Half-Round Gutter

The Half-Round Gutter features a semi circular design. This allows the gutter to have greater water capacity. The design minimises water and dirt buildup, reducing the need for gutter cleaning.

Mini-Line Gutter

The Mini-Line Gutter has more rainwater capacity than the traditional Quad Gutter, making it an ideal gutter to install in areas prone to heavy rainfalls. It is a smaller version of the Nu-Line Gutter with a more stylish front profile. It has a similar gutter and fascia combination that is installed with external brackets.

Nu-Line Gutter

Nu-Line is a gutter and fascia in one. It is a gutter designed for direct installation to roof rafters, without the use of timber fascia. Also known as fascia gutter or eaves gutter.

Old-Style-Quad Gutter

The Old-Style-Quad Gutter is similar to the Quad Gutter, but designed with a lower front. Unlike the Quad Gutter, it has no holes to prevent overflow.

Round-Line Gutter

The Round-Line Gutter is another European style gutter that features a cylindrical design. Like the half-round gutter, the round-line gutter minimises dirt buildup, lessening the need for cleaning. Its appearance is characterised by a flat back with no external brackets.

Square-Line Gutter

The Square-Line Gutter is installed using concealed brackets and folded around the corners due to its slotted design. With a square front, it is designed to have overflow holes in the front. This makes it the most common type of gutter used for carports and garages.


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